The Website of the Isle of Wight Beekeeepers Association

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If you become a member of IWBKA, you will be able to access the following benefits: There are three types of membership:
  1. IWBKA and British Beekeeper's Association (BBKA) registered member
    If you keep bees or handle them at TA and are 18 or above, you must take out full membership. In addition to the above benefits, you will get free insurance cover for up to three hives, with additional charges for more hives, and the monthly BBKA magazine.

    There is also Additional Registration at a lower rate for any other adult, living at the same address as the Registered Beekeeper, who keeps their own bees and requires registration and insurance with BBKA. They will share newsletters and magazines with the registered member.

  2. Friend of IWBKA
    For supporters of IWBKA of any age, not practising beekeepers, but who wish to attend meetings and receive relevant information. There is no insurance cover and no voting rights at the AGM.
  3. Junior IWBKA Member
    For IWBKA and British Beekeeping Association (BBKA) junior members under 18 who will be covered by BBKA liability insurance.
Download the 2021 subscription form here (pdf). It can be posted with payment to the Membership Sec. Frank Stevens