The Website of the Isle of Wight Beekeeepers Association


Other beekeeping organisations

British Beekeepers Association
The Central Association of Beekeepers
Beekeeping Forum - "a font of accessible knowledge"
The British Beekeeping Forum
"The Barefoot Beekeeper" - natural beekeeping
Hampshire Beekeepers' Association
Dave Cushman's Beekeeping and Bee breeding
Manx Bees


The Bee Garden Beekeeping supplies on the Isle of Wight
Caddon Hives
Thornes Beekeeping Equipment
National Bee Supplies
BBWear Ltd - Beekeeping Equipment
Compak - Honey jars
Fragile Planet - beekeeping supplies (see members area)

Regulation and inspection

Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs
Food and Environment Research Agency - National Bee Website

Environmental organisations

Bumble Bee Conservation Trust
Adopt a Hive
Bumble Bees

Bee Books

Northern Bee Books Specialist and publisher of apicultural literature