The Website of the Isle of Wight Beekeeepers Association


Other beekeeping organisations

British Beekeepers Association
The Central Association of Beekeepers
Beekeeping Forum - "a font of accessible knowledge"
The British Beekeeping Forum
"The Barefoot Beekeeper" - natural beekeeping
Hampshire Beekeepers' Association
Dave Cushman's Beekeeping and Bee breeding


Caddon Hives
Thornes Beekeeping Equipment
National Bee Supplies
BBWear Ltd - Beekeeping Equipment
Compak - Honey jars
Fragile Planet - beekeeping supplies (see members area)

Regulation and inspection

Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs
Food and Environment Research Agency - National Bee Website

Environmental organisations

Bumble Bee Conservation Trust
Adopt a Hive
Bumble Bees

Bee Books

Northern Bee Books Specialist and publisher of apicultural literature