The Website of the Isle of Wight Beekeeepers Association
2017 Honey Show  
Congratulations to everyone involved,and in particular to Christine and George, for organizing and running another successful Honey Show.

Thank you all,for the time and effort put in, both in the preparation of exhibits and for all your extremely hard work on the day.

This excellent show helps to keep the general public aware of the IWBKA, it's aims and ambitions.

Once again thank you.

Frank Stevens
President IWBKA


Welcome to the website of the Isle of Wight Beekeepers Association. Our aim is to further the craft of beekeeping, encourage education in all aspects of beekeeping and protect the interests of Island beekeepers. We welcome new members, information on the benefits of membership can be found on the Join us page. We hold a regular programme of practical meetings at apiaries during the beekeeping season; winter meetings are of an educational nature and we invite national experts to our seminars. See The beekeeping year for details of the annual programme. In 2011 we established the Teaching Apiary.

We offer help to the public and other institutions in the control and collection of swarms of bees. For details of bee identification (and other flying insects) and contact numbers for swarm collectors see our Bees and swarms page.

The IWBKA was formed in 1918. A booklet on our 90-plus year history can be downloaded here. (pdf)